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Our well organized and well run Recital is an integral part of the students’ dance education.  Presented in a professional theatre and setting, it provides an additional extension of the benefits derived from Dance & Theatre Arts training. As part of their participation in the show, the students learn cooperation, to feel comfortable in front of an audience, stage presence, to take direction, to overcome shyness and to project their individual personalities. The Recital, a most enjoyable event, is the culmination of the students’ hard work and affords them the opportunity to perform and be a “star” on a professional stage while learning the thrills, inner workings, excitement and magic of live theatre.


Cameras: No video, still, cell phone or any cameras of any kind are allowed in the recital auditorium on performance day. The show is professionally taped and you will receive a DVD in the mail as part of your Recital Fee.


Costume Costs: We try to keep the costs of our costumes fair and as low as possible by designing and making all the accessories and headpieces. The average cost will be about $85 – $120 per complete costume. An additional $10 – $15 charge coming directly from the manufacturer is sometimes added for Large Child thru Adult sizes.


Dances: The number of dances your child appears in is based on several factors. If your child is scheduled to have multiple routines, YOU have the final word on how many dances you want them to be in. All Kinder classes will perform one dance; Combo Class students will be in 2 or 3 dances, in one show, based on class age & experience; students in the Level classes will usually have a routine for each discipline they take all in the same show. Technique only classes will not have routines. Students or siblings who are in mixed Levels or disciplines are not guaranteed that all their dances will be in the same show, although we do try our very best to make that happen!


Dress Rehearsal: This is mandatory for all students. It is held at Ransom Auditorium 1 to 2 days prior to the actual performance day. This rehearsal will be approximately 2 hours long for the Kinder students and 3.5 to 4 hours long for all other classes. Dress Rehearsals are closed to parents, with the exception of one Parent only with a Video Pass & Name Badge who is allowed to do their own video tape of the Dress Rehearsal from the Balcony.


Length of Show: In order to present every student properly, we find it difficult to put an exact time on the length of the entire show. Average time of the entire performance is 2 ½ hours from start to finish plus Awards. All students must be in their Dressing Room 30 minutes before curtain and will not be dismissed until the entire performance is over.


Lottery Ticket Process: There is no standing in lines or waiting for hours! We do our ticket sale in a Lottery Drawing Style Format, making the selection and the purchase of seats fair for everyone. You may purchase all the tickets you need at Lottery selection time. Every person in attendance at the show, from “Wee Baby to Great Grand Pa” must have a ticket to get in. Lottery Week dates are on the Dance Unlimited Calendar.


Photo Sessions: There are two Photo sessions, both at DU, one for black and white class picture for the Recital Program and the other for Recital Costume group & solo shots.

Recital Fee – Is listed on the DU Calendar Rate Sheet. It is a non-refundable, required payment for all in the show which includes – one DVD of show; recital t-shirt with cast names on back; photo sitting fee; flowers; class photo with student names in program book; and one photo sheet of your choice of each student in one of their recital costumes.


Routines: For the June show, routines do not started until mid – to late January. We strongly believe that students must learn to dance, not just A dance.


Security: We take the security of your child very seriously. It is the most important issue at all of our Recital functions, including all events at the Auditorium.  We will have a staff of Security Personnel on duty at all Auditorium Recital events. For the safety of your child, they will not permit dancers out of the backstage/dressing room area, nor will they permit anyone other than properly credentialed and uniformed staff into that area. All DU recital functions are CLOSED to parents & guests, thus allowing us to keep a tight rein on all that is going on. NO parents are allowed in backstage dressing room area during the entire show at any time, including Intermission in order to keep our security intact.


Studio Rehearsals: Will last 1 ½ hours for kinder classes and approximately 2 ½ hours for other classes, depending upon how many dances the student is in. Dancers are to wear their studio uniform, not costumes, for both Studio Rehearsals. There are two rehearsals held at Dance Unlimited & dates are on the calendar.


Tickets: Each family is required to purchase a minimum of four Recital tickets. You may buy just the required four, or whatever amount you need at the same time when you select and purchase all your tickets. All seats are reserved. There are two seating sections in the auditorium:


  • Preferred tickets which are located in the front half of the theatre

  • General tickets which are located in the mid to back area of the Orchestra and the entire balcony.

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