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Dance Unlimited Dream Wall

Dream It, DU it 

The Dance Unlimited Dream Wall is full of inspiring photos that depict a world of dance beyond the studio. Dancers can be inspired and learn about all the amazing places dance can take them in the future.

If you can dream it, you can DU it!




PACE University:

Studying commercial dance in the Pace School of Performing Arts, you’ll be a part of one of the few dance programs in the country that truly opens doors to the industry. Students not only train in ballet, jazz, theater dance, hip hop, modern, tap, contemporary, aerial arts, and other dance styles



 At Juilliard, you will learn the history and repertory from the past that continue to inform today’s dance makers and will be challenged to create with celebrated choreographers. Through its classes, performances, and compositional opportunities, Juilliard fosters and empowers the next generation of exceptional artists in the dance world.


CalArts School:

California Institute of the Arts is renowned internationally as a game-changer in the education of professional artists. The transformative cultural impact of our alumni shows why: We bring out visionary creative talent unlike any other university, school or conservatory. An all-inclusive community for a diversity of authentic voices, CalArts today offers more than 70 comprehensive degree programs in the visual, performing, media and literary arts.


Meadows School of Arts at SMU offers professional dance training within the context of a comprehensive liberal arts education. The B.F.A. in dance performance is designed to develop the disciplined, versatile dance artist through a balanced study of ballet, modern and jazz techniques, complemented and reinforced by a broad range of theoretical studies and performance opportunities.


Pointe Park:      

The Department of Dance offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance. The B.F.A. degree requires 124-128 credits, which includes concentration credits in ballet, jazz or modern, department requirements, credits in the core curriculum and general electives.



Chapman University's Department of Dance offers rigorous professional training with high-caliber productions, renowned faculty and guest artists, a new state-of-the-art dance center, and all the benefits of a small liberal arts university.The BA and BFA degrees focus on equitable and varied training in ballet, jazz, and modern technique supported by tap, hip hop, ballroom, and other forms. Additional curricular strengths include choreography (with more than 100 student works produced annually in four performance venues), and dance science and wellness (with courses in somatics, Pilates, yoga, anatomy, and kinesiology). Faculty are experts in their fields and include world renowned artists



From dancing in concert dance companies to Broadway shows and more, and from arts administration to writers, teachers, designers, choreographers or physical therapists, MMC alumni are creating the present and future of the field of dance.Housed in New York City, the program draws upon the highest standards of the profession, is versatile in nature, and prepares students for various careers in dance. If it’s been thought about, our dancers are out there doing it. We offer two degrees, the BFA and the BA, with a number of concentrations. Personal growth, on stage and off, is at the heart of our mission.



The Ailey School and Fordham University are partners in a highly innovative Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in dance.The BFA program offers the best of two worlds: The artistic pre-eminence of the official school of the world-famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, coupled with an exceptional liberal arts education rooted in the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence.Both institutions are located in New York City's Lincoln Center area--the epicenter of the dance world.



The NYU Tisch Department of Dance values the essential bond between musician and dancer. Live music is vital to our dance technique classes. We honor the long history of the musicians’ presence in ballet and modern dance, and also foster new creative pathways and dialogue between contemporary musicians and dancers. We are proud of our esteemed team of dance musicians, who represent a variety of styles, instruments, techniques and creative perspectives.


USC: The USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts to a select number of undergraduates who wish to pursue dance as their major. This four-year professional degree is housed in the state-of-the-art Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center.USC Kaufman also offers individual classes in technique, performance, choreography, production, theory and history that are open to all students at USC. In addition to the dance major and open courses, the minor in Dance and minor in Dance in Popular Culture: Hip-Hop, Urban and Social Dances, provide a rewarding program of study for any USC student.



Dance Teams


LSU Tiger Girls:

The LSU Tiger girls Dance Team is the official dance team of LSU Athletics. Entering its 27th season in 2023-2024, the LSU Tiger Girls are consistently recognized for their rankings at the UDA College Nationals, as well as their participation on campus for various sporting events.


Ohio State Dance Team:                   

The Ohio State University Dance Team is the official Dance Team under Ohio State Athletics. The team is a part of The Spirit Program which consists of The Ohio State University Cheerleaders, Dance Team, and Brutus Buckeye. Serving as a fundamental part of Ohio State, the teams promote Buckeye Spirit at a multitude of athletic events. In addition, the team plays an integral role in the Ohio State Community by performing at pep rallies, parades, and other University-related events throughout Columbus.The Ohio State Dance Team competes annually in their own discipline on the national level at the UDA Collegiate National Championship in Orlando, FL. For the past seven years, the team has placed in the Top 5 most recently bringing home the 2018 D1A Pom and Jazz Titles!


FSU Golden Girls:

The Golden Girls are a part of the Florida State Spirit Program, which consists of the Golden Girls, Co-Ed Cheerleading Squad & All-Girl Cheerleading Squad. Our team serves as ambassadors for Florida State University and helps promote spirit at several athletic events including Football, Men’s Basketball & Volleyball as well as other events for our school and community. We are looking for confident, talented, humble, dedicated, and passionate dancers to be a part of the FSU Golden Girls Dance Team. Team members are responsible for representing Florida State in the classroom, on the court/field and on stage at the national level. Being a member of our team comes with several exciting opportunities but is also a major commitment. 

Minnesota Dance team:,winningest%20program%20in%20the%20country 

The University of Minnesota Dance Team is composed of 24 student-athletes. The team performs at home Football and Men’s Basketball games, and travels to select away games and postseason competition.Minnesota also competes in the DIA Jazz and Pom divisions at UDA Nationals every year, where they have been crowned National Champions 22x since 2003 and are the reigning National Champions in Pom, and runners up in Jazz. This achievement tops the college dance landscape as the winningest program in the country. Over that period of time, they have also been selected to represent Team USA in international competition on multiple occasions, winning three Gold Medals at the ICU World Championships.

Professional Dance Jobs

Disney Performers:

Step into the world of Disney as a performer, where magic comes to life and dreams take center stage. As a Disney performer, you become part of a captivating realm where fairy tales unfold, and beloved characters come alive with every smile, song, and dance. Whether dazzling the audience in a Broadway-style musical, enchanting guests in a theme park parade, or bringing joy to families in a character meet and greet, being a Disney performer means embodying the essence of beloved characters and creating unforgettable moments of wonder for fans of all ages. It’s not just a performance, it's a journey into the heart of imagination, where the magic of Disney becomes a shared experience that lasts a lifetime.



For nearly a century, the Radio City Rockettes have been American Icons. Not only have they appeared at the Radio City Music Hall in thousands of stage spectaculars, the dance company has also performed at the center of many memorable moments in history.


Cruise Line Dancers:   

 Carnival Cruise Line performers in peak physical condition at the top of our field. Their exceptional dancing and beautifully executed technique are matched only by our versatility across numerous styles. They showcase their individuality in cutting-edge shows choreographed by industry-leading choreographers.


Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders:

The name itself brings to each of us images of an American icon  –beautiful ladies decked out in blue and white uniforms cheering America’s Team on to victory; precision dance routines that require a combination of stamina, flexibility and timing that would leave most of us gasping – yet they smile and dance on. Each spring up to 600 young women from across America converge on AT&T Stadium in pursuit of their dream to become a member of the DCC. All believe they ‘have what it takes’ and are determined to demonstrate that to the panel of judges.


Cirque Du Soleil:                                   

At the dawn of the 1980’s, a troupe of performers founded by Gilles Ste-Croix took their talent to the streets of Baie-Saint-Paul, a charming village on the shores of the St. Laurent River near Quebec City. After years of honing their craft, Guy Laliberté, a member of Les Échassiers, decided that the show they had developed was ready to delight fans outside of their home town.Cirque du Soleil made waves in the international scene for the first time in 1987 upon their first tour of the US.

Background Dancer:

Pictured: Ashley Ann Ramsey (DU Alumni dancing for Ozuna) Known for their flexible skill set, excellent technique, tireless stamina, and copious live performance experience, backup dancers support major recording artists in concerts, tours, and music videos. In this gig-based field, there are opportunities for performers from a range of backgrounds to find work: from highly educated dancers who have trained from birth to relative newcomers scouted from clubs and universities. However, that's not to suggest that this business is forgiving; the world of background dance is fast-paced and competitive, and those who make it their career must work tirelessly to keep up.

Miami Heat Dancers:                                 

The Heat dancers perform multiple dance routines at the Miami Heat home games during pregame, timeouts, and halftime. The team was established in 1988 and consists of 16 of Miami's most talented dancers, gymnasts and entertainers.

Dolphins Cheerleaders:                                   

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are a dynamic and talented squad that adds vibrant energy to the atmosphere of Miami Dolphins games and events. Renowned for their impressive dance routines, charismatic performances, and engaging interactions with fans, the cheerleaders play a vital role in boosting team spirit and creating an exciting game-day experience. With a commitment to excellence, they showcase a diverse and skilled group of performers who embody the spirit of the Miami Dolphins and contribute to the overall excitement of the team's presence on and off the field.                                                                                                                                                                   

Marlins Cheerleaders: The perfect combination of charisma and spark.The Marlins Mermaids are strong, empowered, confident women - focused on our team, our fans and our community.


Dance Companies/


CLI Conservatory:

The CLI Conservatory is a 10 month in person training program designed to prepare students to enter the professional world of dance. The curriculum focuses on the most important areas that help dancers step into their careers in less time and at less cost than traditional training programs.



Netherlands Dans Theatre:

NDT has been committed to the innovation and development of dance for almost 65 years. What began as a rebel group has become a progressive and internationally renowned production house. NDT presents emerging talent, classics and big names. Always bringing together the best of dance with other art forms.


Rambert Dance Company:

Rambert gave its first performances in 1926 and in 2026 we will become the Britain’s first dance company to celebrate 100 years. Their history dates even further back, to 1914. They believe that to give brilliant and daring people the chance to inspire others is to give them the power to change the world for the better. As one of the world’s most diverse companies of dancers we transform everyday spaces by making dance that is awe-inspiring, adventurous, dynamic, and relevant, and taking it to our neighborhood, the nation and the world.Rambert gave its first performances in 1926 and in 2026 we will become the Britain’s first dance company to celebrate 100 years. Their history dates even further back, to 1914.


The Ailey School:                                     

The Ailey School has been training world-class dancers since Alvin Ailey first opened his school in Brooklyn, NY in 1969.  Guided by Mr. Ailey’s mission that dance is for everybody, the School offers programs for aspiring dancers with 3 to 5 years prior dance training, as well as open classes for professionals and recreational classes for dance enthusiasts of all levels.  Creative Movement classes for children ages 3 to 6 are also offered.




Dancing With The Stars:

Dancing With The Stars is the hi series co-hosted by Alfonso Ribiero and Julienne Hough in which celebrities are paired with trained ballroom dancers to compete in choreographed dance routines that are judged by a panel of renowned ballroom experts, including Carrie An Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Dereck Hough.

America’s Got Talent:

America’s Got Talent aired starting in 2006. America’s Got Talent enjoys all talent, whether you are amazing or can do something weird with your body. They don't care if you have an act you do professionally, or if it's something you have never done in public before in your life. So don’t be afraid to take a chance and show off your talent.


Dance Icons

Parris Geobel:                                        

Parris Renee Goebel MNZM, also known mononymously as Parris, is a New Zealand dancer and choreographer. She is the founder and main choreographer of the Palace Dance Studio, which has produced dance crews such as ReQuest, Sorority, Bubblegum, and the Royal Family. She has also won an Emmy award/4 nominations for her choreography.





Further Dance Training

Millennium Dance Complex:                         

In 1992 AnnMarie moved from New York City and created her dance center. It quickly became the premiere destination for the best dancers and choreographers in the world.​It was the first studio to include: hip hop with all the other style of dance into a commercial teaching space, a scholarship program to all level of dancers, and colorful studio space to inspire the artistic nature of dance.The famous red wall was designed to inspire the success and  creativity of all who entered.Millennium is known as a place where dreams become reality.



Dance Events

Jacob's Pillow:

Jacob’s Pillow is lauded worldwide as a “hub and mecca of dancing”.“The Pillow” is a treasured 220-acre National Historic Landmark, a recipient of the prestigious National Medal of Arts, and home to America’s longest-running international dance festival. Jacob’s Pillow mission is to support dance creation, presentation, education, and preservation; and to engage and deepen public appreciation and support for dance.

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